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It's More Than Just Flying

A hobby is something you enjoy.  And if enough people enjoy the same hobby you do, you can make life-long friends sharing that hobby.
The Lancaster County Radio Control Club is one of those unique places.  It has men and women who enjoy flying RC planes, control-line planes  and drones. is one
Our membership consists of members from young to 'vibrant'.  And our members come from all walks of life.  Electricians, postal workers, doctors, construction workers and even retired armed forces veterans.
We all have the love of flying and spending a beautiful afternoon talking about the hobby, helping others and cutting the sky with our aircraft.


Just For the Fun of It !

Flying is our Hobby


Want to Visit ?

Because weather determines our flying schedule, we suggest you email us to see when we're out at the field !



197 Geist Road, Lancaster, PA 17602

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