Roy Bender

Peter Caddick

Tom Hobbins

Roy Bender is one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.  He is a full-scale pilot as well as an R/C pilot, so he truly understands the physics of flight.  Roy is a born teacher.  His appreciation and enthusiasm is absolutely 

contagious!  We can personally vouch for the fact that he is an excellent R/C instructor. 

Peter Caddick has been flying R/C for over twenty years. He learned to fly R/C at club in Reading, England, right beside the River Thames. In fact the downwind leg of the landing approach was over the river!

Over the years he has travelled and worked in lots of places.


"Where ever I go I seek out the local hobby store and get their directions to the local model flying field. For it is at the field that the common language of R/C flying is practiced, what better way to make new friends in a strange town, state or country than at the flying field!"

Peter has always been a member of at least one model flying club, and believes in giving back to the hobby. Examples include conducting numerous show and tell events for different group, being an instructor, teaching Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts about the hobby and being a club officer for eleven years (nine of which have been as a club president).

Peter says to remember that this is a hobby and it is supposed to be fun. 


"Some of us only 'fly' the picnic tables, whilst others want to fly all day, either way join a club and enjoy this great hobby and the many friends that it can bring."

Tom Hobbins was flying a scale AT-28 the day we caught up with him at the LCRCC field.  The beautiful plane has some very nice scale features, and looks great on the ground as well as in the air.  Tom has a special attachment to that model, since he flew the full-sized version in Vietnam.  

Tom's brother, Bob, is also a club member.

On this particular day, Tom was tweaking the plane when the nose gear (Robart pneumatic retract) hung up in the air!  Tom did a great job of landing on the rear wheels and gently setting the nose down on the grass.